Bologna, which is home to the Oldest University in the world (founded in 1088), has something to offer to everyone. Art, history, music, culture, education, excellence in gastronomy, night life, shopping and much much more!
We invite you to discover one of the best preserved Italian jewels.

It is a modern city emerged in history with hundreds of cultural places to explore, and all this is away from mass tourism if you are looking for real Italian experience off the beaten track. It is also more affordable than other main cities in Northern Italy.

Bologna has several nicknames: “La Rossa” (The Red – it refers to the city’s rosy red rooftops and to the colour of its brick towers and buildings), “La Dotta” (The Learned – its university has a good claim to being the world’s oldest), but it is “La grassa” (The Fat – that rich cuisine) that’s perhaps the most fitting. Food is a very big deal in Bologna and the region – it’s the home of parma ham, balsamic vinegar and parmesan.

Here you get an authentic experience, the language you hear walking in the streets is Italian. Don’t hesitate any longer and book your Italian course in Bologna!


ALCEAverage group size: 4-5 students

Maximum group size: 8 students

Courses: Intensive, super-intensive, combined, business course, exam prepartion, 50+ course.

Accommodation: homestay and shared apartment.

Our partner school in Bologna, was established in 2000. It’s a medium-sized, family-run Italian language school. The school is located in Bologna city centre, at the entrance of the city walls. The Medieval historic centre is just 10 minutes by foot. The most beautiful city park, the Giardini Margherita is only few metres away.

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