Salamanca is a small city situated in the west of Spain, 200 kilometres from Madrid.

Salamanca has played an important role in the history of the Spanish (Castilian) language. For this reason the city is enormously popular with people all over the world who want to learn Spanish.

The Golden City is also one of many dazzling UNESCO World Heritage sites in Spain and home to two grand cathedrals, spectacular Renaissance palaces, beautiful plazas and one of the oldest universities in Europe. The beauty of the city and its surroundings, as well as its university atmosphere, attract students every year from all over the world.

The surrounding areas of Salamanca offer many opportunities for cultural day-trips to nearby villages or recreational activities in the mountain or lake areas.


The best schools in Salamanca:



Courses: Intensive and Combined, DELE Preparation, Business Spanish, Complementary Courses

Accommodation: Shared apartment, Spanish family

Maxium group size: 10


The school is located in the historical center of Salamanca. The area is a pedestrian zone filled with tourists and students, very close to the city´s most important historical monuments and the Salamanca´s famous university…



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