Top Spanish TV shows to learn Spanish having fun

24 Jun 2018


If you are reading this, it means you are interested in Spanish language.. and you like watching TV shows. That is why we are going to recommend you some of the best Spanish TV shows of the last couple of years.. and you can find them all in Netflix!

Remember to watch them in the original version, in Spanish!


la casa de papel Intensive Spanish coursesMoney Heist

Spanish original title: La casa de Papel. The most-watched non-English language TV show in Netflix history

Everything begins with a robbery to the national currency manufacturer, or the Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT – Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), but its objective is not only stealing money, but also creating it.

The thieves lock themselves inside, with hostages, while trying to get the public opinion in their favour in a final attempt to escape.

Every move of the thieves is planned in advance by a criminal mastermind called “El Profesor”, who at the same time manipulates the police to carry out his plan. But even in a master plan there is always a possibility that the things could go wrong.. and they do.

Will the thieves manage to escape? You will have to see it yourself!

  • Where and when does the show takes place? Madrid, present.
  • What is its name in Spanish? La casa de papel
  • Seasons: 2 seasons, 15 episodes (confirmed the 3rd season)
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Mystery

Related vocabulary:

  • Atraco – Robbery
  • Rehén – Hostage
  • Escapar – To escape / get away
  • Soborno – Bribery
  • Chantaje – Blackmail

The Ministry of Time

How about travelling in time through different places in Spain?

El ministerio del tiempo Learn SpanishFor centuries, Spain has kept a powerful secret. It has access to doorways that open to different dates in time. The top secret Ministry of Time is in charge of protecting the country ́s history as it is and avoid spies using the doors to manipulate the historical events.

The Ministry of Time employs agents from various eras: a warrior from the 16th Century, the first female university student from the 19th Century and a nurse from the 21st century.

The Ministry of Time has become a great success in Spain, it began broadcasting on Spanish public television (TVE) and subsequently got bought by Netflix that adapted the show in Portugal and is in negotiations to take it to other countries.

The Ministry of Time might become the best time travel show ever.

  • Where and when does the show takes place? The Ministry is in Madrid but we travel all over Spain throughout its history.
  • What is its name in Spanish? El ministerio del tiempo
  • Seasons: 3 seasons, 35 episodes (confirmed 4th season)
  • Genre: Fantasy, adventure

Related vocabulary:

  • Ministerio – Ministry
  • Secreto – Secret
  • Órdenes – Orders
  • Engaño – Trick, scam
  • Valiente – Brave
  • Huir – Run away


Cable girls (Las chicas del cable)

The first original series in Spain produced by Netflix

cable girls learn Spanish in Spain. CoursesIt is set in the 1920s in Madrid, where a group of women began to work as phone operators in the newly created, modern company “Telefónica”. In it, we will see how the lives of these four young women change and how each of them feels attached to their new work, family, partners and memories. All this in an era where women were expected to stay at home and obey their fathers or husbands. But this was also the time when discussions were taking place across the world about women ́s role in society and the start of their fight for equal rights.


  • Where and when does the show takes place? Madrid, 1920s
  • What is its name in Spanish? Las chicas del cable
  • Seaons: 2 seasons, 16 episodes (confirmed until the 4th season)
  • Genre: drama, comedy.

Related vocabulary:

  • Cable – Cable
  • El destino – Destiny
  • Salir (con alguien) – To date (somebody)
  • Amante – Lover
  • Equivocación – Mistake, error


Vis a vis (Locked Up)

Tense and provocative women-in-prison drama

learn Spanish vis a visIt can be seen as a copy of Orange is the New Black (US Netflix show) but made the Spanish way and with more thriller components.


The protagonist, called Macarena, is a young, naive girl who falls in love with her boss and, because of him, commits several accounting crimes.

This leads her to be sentenced to 7 years in prison, where she has to face the emotional shock as well as the complicated relationships between the inmates, some of them very dangerous.

She soon realizes that in order to surive she needs to turn into a compeletely different person.



  • Where does the show takes place? Prison Cruz del Sur (a made-up jail).
  • What is its name in Spanish? Vis a vis
  • Seaons: 2 seasons, 32 episodes (waiting for a 3rd season)
  • Gender: intrigue, thriller, drama

Related vocabulary:

  • Vis a vis – Face to face
  • Malversación – Embezzlement
  • Delito – Crime, offence
  • Recluso – Prisioner
  • Fianza – Bail (prision)


We hope you will watch at least one of these shows and try to learn Spanish on your couch! And if learning on your couch is not enough.. then book your flight and come to Spain for a Spanish course and learn the language, culture and enjoy amazing Spanish scenery, food and people!

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