Spanish vocabulary related to holiday and travel

16 May 2015

playa spainAs the summer is just round the corner and we are all waiting to set off for a journey, we have decided to help you a bit with the linguistic preparation if you are going to a Spanish speaking country. Here you will find some useful vocabulary and expression that you might need to use while traveling.

agencia de viajes

travel agency



alquilar un coche

to rent a car

gafas de sol




habitación doble

double room

habitación simple/ habitación individual

single room

ir a la playa

to go to the beach

ir a nadar

to go swimming

ir de camping

to go camping

irse al extranjero

to go abroad

irse de vacaciones

to go on vacation (US) to go on holiday (UK)

oficina de turismo

tourist office

pasarlo bien

to have a good time

pasarlo mal

to have a bad time

quemadura de sol



to make a reservation, to book

tomar el sol

to sunbathe

tomar una foto

to take a photo


vacation (US)


to travel

viaje de ida

one-way ticket (US)

viaje de ida y vuelta

round ticket (US)


to fly





Equipaje de mano

Hand luggage








Some examples of frases:

Me voy de vacaciones mañana. Voy a la playa para nadar y tomar el sol.

I am going on holiday tomorrow. I am going to the beach to swim and sunbathe.

Mi vuelo llega a Málaga a las 14.00. Sólo tengo equipaje de mano. He reservado una habitación individual en un hotel en el centro.

My flight arrives at 14.00 in Malaga. I only have hand luggage. I have booked a single room in a hotel in the city center.


And here are some interesting quotations that might inspire you to travel:

Viajar es una buena forma de aprender y de superar miedos. (Luis Rojas Marcos)

Traveling is a good way to learn and overcome fears. (Luis Rojas Marcos)

He descubierto que no hay forma más segura de saber si amas u odias a alguien que hacer un viaje con él. (Mark Twain)

I found that there is no better way to know if you love or hate someone to do a trip with him. (Mark Twain)

Vivir en la Tierra es caro pero ello incluye un viaje gratis alrededor del sol cada año.

Living on Earth is expensive but it includes a free trip around the sun every year. (Anonymous)

Viajar es descubrir que todo el mundo se equivoca  en sus ideas sobre otros países. (Aldous Huxley)

To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries. (Aldous Huxley)

El que no sale nunca de su tierra está lleno de prejuicios. (Carlo Goldoni)

He who never leaves his country is full of prejudices. (Carlo Goldoni )