13 Apr 2014
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turismoPortuguese is a beautiful Romance language, which is spoken by over of 200 million of native speakers and is the official language of eight countries including Portugal and Brazil!  Portuguese (along with Spanish) is one of the fastest-growing European languages according to UNESCO. Thanks to Portugal’s key role in the Age of Exploration, you can now hear Portuguese spoken not only in Portugal and Brazil, but also in Africa and Asia, meaning that it really is a global language!

Lisboa PortugalPortugal is the home of the Portuguese language and is famous by its fantastic architecture, delicious sea food, intriguing tile-work and lively nightlife. The beautiful natural areas and its wines make of Portugal a good place to visit and perfect to study Portuguese.

At first the Portuguese language can seem difficult to understand, since as one of the Romance languages derived from Latin, one expects it to sound similar to Spanish or Italian. Instead, its closed vowels and shushing consonants sound closer to an Eastern European language. But knowledge of Spanish, Italian, or French does help when it comes to the written language.

foto de porto PortugalOur offer consists of a wide range of courses in the most important Portuguese locations: Lisbon, Porto and the sunny Algarve region. We have carefully selected our language schools to be able to offer you affordable prices, but keeping in mind the high quality of service. We can assure you of the highest quality of teaching; our centers have been recognized by various official teaching organizations.

Our philosophy is that cultural immersion is a superior way to study a language. You will have classes with native and qualified teachers. Learning within a foreign environment surrounded by native speakers gives you the opportunity to interact in Portuguese in everyday contexts.

foto Albufeira Faro PortugalLinguistic holiday in Portugal not only will speed up your language learning but also give you the opportunity to experience the best of the Portuguese culture. Studying a foreign language abroad is a great experience also on personal level; you will meet a lot of people from all around the world and make new friendships.  It can also amplify your preparation for a career working with foreign cultures or nations.

Our mission is to provide our students with an educational and cultural experience of a lifetime. Our aim is to enrich the lives of the students learning Portuguese in Portugal by linguistic and cultural immersion while enjoying the experience and making friends from around the globe.


Start planning your language course in Portugal and make the most of your stay when you come to study Portuguese in Portugal!