ISTITUTO IL DAVID – Italian language school – Florence

Our partner school in Florence was set up in 1983 and it is one of the first Italian language schools in Italy. One of the strong points of the school is its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Learning Italian not only means acquiring the mere ability to talk and understand the language but also “to live” it, that is, participating in the Italian life, getting to know the country and its people.

The school is situated in the historical center of Florence, on the third floor of a bourgeois palace (with a lift) built at the end of the 19th century and recently renovated. The Cathedral, the railway station, the main monuments and museums are all within walking distance from the school.

On the top floor of the school there is a wonderful terrace, from which you can enjoy a breath-taking view of Florence and where, from April to October, the school regularly organizes dinner parties with its students.

Average group size: 6-7
Maximum group size: 12

Facilities and services

  • 6 bright, spacious classrooms with tv, dvd, air conditioning
  • reception area with vending machines with snacks and hot and cold beverages
  • big terrace at the top
  • free wireless connection
  • library
  • study room

Accreditations and recognitions

  • Italian Ministry of Education
  • Eduitalia (association of Italian language school for foreigners)

Activities and excursions

The school offers a minimum of 5 leisure activities every week. All activities are carried out by the teachers after school and on the weekends to allow all students to participate.

Some of the free activities

  • walking tours: in the center of Florence, Piazzale Michelangelo, Oltrarno, etc.
  • excursions: the Certosa, Fiesole, the park of Pratolino, Villa Petraia, etc.
  • short lessons about Italian culture in our school: the history of Florence, Italian cuisine, Dante and the Italian language, Italian body language, Italian habits and traditions, etc.
  • movies with Italian subtitles at school
  • Italian music karaoke at school
  • international dinners and watermelon on the terrace

Some of the activities for an extra fee:

  • lesson on Italian wines with tasting at school
  • dinners in local restaurants with our teachers
  • visits to museums of Florence
  • wine tastings in wineries
  • excursions to other cities: Siena, Pisa, Lucca, San Gimignano and Monteriggioni, Arezzo and Cortona, Pienza and Montalcino, etc.
  • trips to the beach: 5 Terre, Viareggio etc.
  • opera in Verona and in Torre del Lago.


  • 20 lessons per week, 4 classes a day
  • The course consists of 20 lessons of Italian in groups, Monday to Friday
  • Grammar classes 9:00 – 10:50, conversation classes 11:10 – 13:00
  • Levels: A1 – C2
  • Minimum Course duration: 1 week


  • 30 lessons per week, 6 classes per day
  • The course consists of 30 lessons of Italian in groups, Monday to Friday
  • Grammar classes 9:00 – 10:50, conversation classes 11:10 – 13:00, workshop 14:00 – 15:50
  • Levels: A1 – C2
  • Minimum Course duration: 1 week


  • 20 lessons in group + 5 or 10 individual classes per week
  • The course consists of 20 lessons of intensive Italian in groups, Monday to Friday plus individual classes: 1 or 2 per day -depending on students´ needs.
  • Grammar classes 9:00 – 10:50, conversation classes 11:10 – 13:00, individual 14:00 – 14:55 (or 15.50)
  • Levels: A1 – C2
  • Minimum Course duration: 1 week


  • Cooking classes: 6 hours per week, 3 hours for 2 afternoons per week between 05:00 PM and 08:00 PM
  • History of art: 4 hours per week, 2 hours for 2 afternoons per week

Italian host family

Single or double rooms in apartments with carefully selected Italian host families. Accommodations are very comfortable and host families are always very friendly and helpful. Students can choose among various board solutions: breakfast only or half board (breakfast and dinner). The time of meals is arranged between the student and the host family. It is the best way to improve your Italian as the language is spoken everyday with the host family. You also have the opportunity to learn Italian families’ culture and habits. Cleaning and laundry service is included.

Shared apartments

Single or double rooms in apartments shared with other Italian or foreign students or with the owner of the accommodation. This option is self-catered but students have free use of kitchen to prepare their meals. Kitchen is equipped with all the necessary items (electrical appliances, cutlery, dishes). Apartments are fully furnished and usually have a common living room or other space shared with all students.

Private apartments

Apartments can have one, two or three bedrooms. The rent price of private apartments differs according to various factors, such as type, size, location (in or outside the historic center) and further requests. Students should preferably specify their requests, for example apartment with television, telephone, washing machine, air conditioning, bath, double bed, etc.


Type of course 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Intensive (20) 220€ 380€ 510€ 620€
Super-intensive (30) 330€ 570€ 750€ 930€
Combined (20+5) 390€ 720€ 990€ 1.260€
Combined (20+10) 560€ 1.020€ 1.410€ 1.820€

Italian culture courses Price per week
Cooking lessons (6) 40€
History of art (4) 35€
Italian fashion (4) 35€
Business (4) 35€

Prices include enrollment fee, tax fee, textbook, language test, teaching materials, enrollment certificate, attendance certificate, student card, information booklet and map of Florence, some extracurricular activities at school.


Italian family

Type of accommodation 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Bed and breakfast 210€ 360€ 490€ 620€
Half board 240€ 460€ 680€ 880€

Shared apartment 

Type of accommodation 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
Single room 180€ 300€ 400€ 500€
Double room 110€ 200€ 280€ 360€

Private apartment 

From 400 € per week. Contact us.

  • All accommodations are in the center, between 5 and 20 minutes walk from the school.
  • Prices include our lodging search and all utilities (electricity, gas and water).
  • Minimum stay is 1 week (6 nights).

TRANSFER SERVICE (with professional driver)

  • from the train station of Florence (Santa Maria Novella) to the accommodation € 40
  • from the airport of Florence (Peretola) to the accommodation € 50
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