27 Apr 2014

699786Sierra Nevada (Granada) is the most southern ski resort in Europe, but that does not mean it’s small. It has over 100 kilometers of ski paths, over 1,000 meters of altitude, the two highest peaks in the Iberian Peninsula of more than 3,300 meters and, almost always, is the last ski resort of Spain to close the ski season, because of its high altitude.

The city of Granada, has got a privileged location, being about 40 km from the ski resort  and about 70 km from the beach (Costa Tropical). Therefore every year, usually in May, when it’s already quite hot and the ski station is about to close, a very special descent from the slopes takes place. Over 300 people wearing  swimsuit descend the slopes in ski or snowboard. So called “Bajada en Bañador” (descent in swimsuit) is celebrated to end the ski season; the event is pending to be registered in the Guinness Book of Records. (WATCH THE VIDEO)
But Sierra Nevada is much more than the ski station. It is also great place for the nature lovers. It is one of the National Parks in Spain and  also “Biosphere Reserve” by UNESCO for its wide variety of flora and fauna, and perfect for hiking, cycling and visiting picturesque villages of the “Alpujarras” , in the south of Sierra Nevada.

Therefore, if you choose Granada as your destination for a Spanish course, you can enjoy the mountains throughout the year and ski normally between November and May.