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Lisbon – home to fado, ceramic tiles.. and street art!

4 Aug 2018




We present you Lisbon seen with a brand new eye: its street art, our favourite museums and a secret paradise just half an hour from the city.


Breath-taking destination for your Portuguese course!



What is the picture you see in your head when thinking of Lisbon? Yellow trams in narrow streets, pasteis de nata, red rooftops on white buildings seen from any of the many viewpoints in the old town? All these symbols themselves are worth checking but…he city of seven hills is so much more than this!

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Top Spanish TV shows to learn Spanish having fun

24 Jun 2018


If you are reading this, it means you are interested in Spanish language.. and you like watching TV shows. That is why we are going to recommend you some of the best Spanish TV shows of the last couple of years.. and you can find them all in Netflix!

Remember to watch them in the original version, in Spanish!


la casa de papel Intensive Spanish coursesMoney Heist

Spanish original title: La casa de Papel. The most-watched non-English language TV show in Netflix history

Everything begins with a robbery to the national currency manufacturer, or the Royal Spanish Mint (FNMT – Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre), but its objective is not only stealing money, but also creating it.

The thieves lock themselves inside, with hostages, while trying to get the public opinion in their favour in a final attempt to escape.

Every move of the thieves is planned in adva Leer más »


19 Mar 2018

photo-1502056247561-73539df36440If you think that studying languages abroad is accessible only to the better off this artilce is for you! Would you like to spend some time learning Italian in Italy but have a tight budget?

During the last few years more and more language students have decided to attend language courses aborad. Same has happened to learning Italian in Italy. Interest in Italian language and culture is on the rise. As a result, many new schools have emerged and the already existing ones have customized their offer to better adapt to the needs of the students, also economical needs. We present top 3 low-cost Italian courses in Italy.

Learning Italian in beautiful Italy, country famed for its tasty cuisine, friendly people and stunning Roman architecture will make an unforgettable experience. Leer más »

Top 6 cheapest Spanish courses in Spain

15 Jan 2018

spanish course in Madrid


Is it possible to study Spanish language in Spain without spending a fortune?

Yes! ♥

Contact Ibérica Languages to get the best deals for   

Spanish courses  in the best schools in Spain!     

Some people still think that studying languages abroad is accessible only for the well-to-do ones. Over the past couple of years more and more language learners have decided to spend some weeks/months abroad and attend a language course there. As a result many new language schools have emerged and the old ones have adapted their offer. All this to become more accessible to a broader public.

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Christmas traditions in Italy – Reasons to visit Italy in winter

6 Dec 2017

belen plaza san pedroWinter time spent in sunny Italy can become a magical period, especially if you visit the country during Christmas.

The Christmas season in Italy kicks off on December 8th, the Day of the Immaculate Conception. It´s also when the decorations, lights and Christmas trees are set up.

Especially impressive trees and decorations can be found in main piazzas all over the country.  A huge Christmas tree is set up in the magnificent setting of the Piazza del Duomo in Florence. The lighting up of the Christmas tree is accompanied by an official public ceremony with the participation of Florence’s Mayor as well as other events, concerts and entertainment. Leer más »

Discover Porto

29 Jan 2017

oporto-nochePorto – a charming city in the north of Portugal, associated primarily with the wine of the same name, but the place has got a lot more to offer then the tasty, sweet wine. Delicious cuisine, specialized in fish and seafood (national dish is smoked cod bacalhau), magnificent architecture, the breeze from the ocean, which brings to mind the old conquest of distant lands, the narrow streets filled up with history and the breath-taking sights. What else? Beautiful language, even though similar in writing to Spanish, but very different when you hear it. Leer más »


28 Mar 2016


fallas en valenciaLAS FALLAS

This is undoubtedly the most important holiday for the people of Valencia. It takes place between 15 and March 19 each year and is listed as festival of International Tourist Interest. Las Fallas are synonymous of fire, but we will explain a bit more:

Las Fallas refer to artistic constructions made of paper, cardboard, wood, plaster and currently also with styrofoam. These figures are called “ninots” and usually represent satirical figures (teasing politicians or celebrities). An intense work of artists and artisans (carpenters and sculptors) who spend months to build these impressive figures that can measure more than 30 meters high.

The word “falla” comes from the Latin Leer más »

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