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Discover Porto

29 Jan 2017

oporto-nochePorto – a charming city in the north of Portugal, associated primarily with the wine of the same name, but the place has got a lot more to offer then the tasty, sweet wine. Delicious cuisine, specialized in fish and seafood (national dish is smoked cod bacalhau), magnificent architecture, the breeze from the ocean, which brings to mind the old conquest of distant lands, the narrow streets filled up with history and the breath-taking sights. What else? Beautiful language, even though similar in writing to Spanish, but very different when you hear it. Leer más »

Top 5 cultural symbols of Portugal

7 Aug 2015

simbolos portugalPortugal – a small country on the south-west edge of Europe characterised by warm, mediterranean climate. Whether you are looking for relax, adventure, stunning architecture, delicious cuisine and wines, you will not be disappointed with what Portugal has to offer. For most tourists, the country means hundreds of kilometers of sandy beaches, but there is so much more to discover! The Portuguese culture is so interesting and varied, but we picked up 5 most important cultural symbols that you will see (or hear) for sure when Leer más »

Celebrating Dia de Portugal, Portugal Day – June 10th

9 Jun 2014

Dia de Portugal

Every 10th day of June, the Portuguese celebrate their national holiday known as Dia de Portugal in the native tongue. It is referred to as Dia de Portugal in Portuguese but is officially known as Dia de Camões, de Portugal e das Comunidades Portuguesas.

The day marks the death of Luís de Camões on this date in 1580. Camões is best known for his work on Os Lusíadas , the national epic poem of Portugal that celebrates the nation’s successes and rich history.

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13 Apr 2014
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turismoPortuguese is a beautiful Romance language, which is spoken by over of 200 million of native speakers and is the official language of eight countries including Portugal and Brazil!  Portuguese (along with Spanish) is one of the fastest-growing European languages according to UNESCO. Thanks to Portugal’s key role in the Age of Exploration, you can now hear Portuguese spoken not only in Portugal and Brazil, but also in Africa and Asia, meaning that it really is a global language! Leer más »

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